John David Washington is walking away from “Tenet” with more than just Oscar buzz, he walked away with a new BFF.

The highly anticipated film is finally on big screens, allowing fans to see the chemistry between the actor and his co-star Robert Pattinson.

And according to Washington, his bromance with Pattinson was almost immediate.

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“I had never met him before rehearsals,” Washington admitted to Bevy Smith on SiriusXM’s “Bevelations”. “It was love at first sight.”

The pair have been inseparable since, “He’s a good dude, he’s a phenomenal actor, humble human being. It was so easy to get along with him. We just had a natural chemistry that we were able to use to bring the characters together… like when we came together, it was just seamless.”

Washington also addressed the Academy Awards’ new inclusion requirements.

The actor calls the changes a good thing: “It’s a positive change that we can actually see… talking is one thing, but executing it is another.”

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“Tenet” is in select theatres now.