Alyssa Milano says she’s not happy to see the person Ivanka Trump has become.

“I met her a couple of times and once I spent the day with her because she was guest judging on ‘Project Runway All Stars’,” she told Yahoo! Entertainment. “When I met her in person, she told me I was her hero. I don’t know how the two things can be true. How can I be someone’s hero who also is an enabler to her father who is very destructive?”

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“Her life and livelihood kind of depends on the success of her dad,” Milano continued. “If he isn’t reelected and there are criminal charges brought against him, does the whole family go down with him?”

“I think it’s going to be a lot harder for her to get patents and be the businesswoman she professes to be. It’s a necessity at this point,” she said. “This has got to work for her otherwise what else is there?”

Two weeks ago, Milano made a similar comment while supporting Joe Biden’s presidential campaign on Instagram.

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Milano also told the publication of how Trump’s election invigorated the Women’s March.

“All of these incredibly strong, powerful women decided to run for Congress. It was the most women that had ever run at a specific time,” said Milano. “We have the most women in Congress than any other time in history, the Democrats do,” she explained. “So this movie just kind of puts a stamp on this era and this time.”