Adam Lambert had the chance to meet with a super-strong superfan and fellow environmentalist in Paige Winter.

ABC captured the adorable meeting between Lambert and Winter, an amputee who was the victim of a shark attack off the coast of North Carolina on June 2.

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“I just love him so much. He’s so talented. The way he talks, his view on things. He’s just such a lovely person,” Winter told the camera. “So I just met Adam Lambert, a dude that I’ve loved since sixth grade… this is something that I’ve been dreaming of forever.”

Lambert read an adorable message that Winter sent him in 2016, it depicted a strange tomato-related dream that she had. The DM adorably concluded with, “Also, I know you’re gay. Honestly, same but I still love you.”

“I think that life is going to keep being very, very adventurous for you,” Lambert told Winter. “That’s so cool.”

Winter, an aspiring singer, shared with Lambert the important environmental work she is doing: “Me and Robert Downey Jr. are actually kind of working together. He wants to use micro-technology to eliminate plastic in the ocean.”

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“Nothing is worth what happened to me,” Winter said. “I wouldn’t say I would take it all back because it’s the life I’m living now. But I don’t think if it was a purposeful choice I’d be like, ‘Oh, I get to meet Robert Downey Jr. and Adam Lambert after this? [Take my leg!] I wouldn’t do that. That’s not worth that. But now that it’s happening, it really does motivate me to do more. Feel better about myself.”

“I think it would be nice to use the media attention to transform it into something good for the environment,” she concluded. “I know that the environment is in a crisis right now. It is not okay. I would like the platform that I now have to somehow change that. I would like to help younger amputees to see that it is okay. You can still do all the things.”