Dr. Phil ain’t your daddy.

On Wednesday night, the TV personality took to TikTok to tell fans, “You have to sop commenting ‘daddy’ on my posts.”

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#YouHaveTo stop calling me “daddy.” I ain’t ya daddy.

♬ you have to stop supporting trump – hannah_harpist

He went on, “I ain’t your daddy. I hate to break it to you, but I ain’t your daddy. And your real daddy’s probably getting his feelings hurt.”

Dr. Phil then clarified, “I appreciate the support. It’s a little weird, but I do appreciate the support.”

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On TikTok, Dr. Phil has cultivated a big presence, with over 4 million followers enjoying his humorous videos, as well as tips on mental health and more.

Dr. Phil then spoke about that video during an appearance on “The Late Late Show”.

He laughed, “This is a joke that my followers and I have, but they all call me daddy for some reason. Nobody gets to call me daddy except, well [my wife] Robin used to call me daddy sometimes.”

Phil added to James Corden, “There’s a trend on TikTok like ‘you’ve got to stop this…’ so I put that up and next thing I know 30 million people have seen this video.

“People have way too much time on their hands.”