For Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton, “Big Brother All-Stars” has been more than an opportunity to play a game — it’s been a platform. On Thursday’s dramatic live eviction episode, Da’Vonne made sure to use the opportunity to share a powerful message supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

This whole week has been a whirlwind of betrayal, mixed messages and hurt feelings which culminated in an explosive episode that saw Bayleigh and Da’Vonne getting into a heated argument with Christmas Abbott and a surprisingly amicable elimination.

To break it all down, Christmas won the Head of Household competition, and Bayleigh, in a moment of misplaced trust, confided in Christmas that Da’Vonne was her “untouchable,” so to speak — the person she wanted to go to the finals with.

In response, Christmas decided to nominate both Da’Vonne and Bayleigh, in an effort to break up their alliance. The Veto Competition was the only way either of them could get off the block, but Christmas ended up winning Veto.

Tyler Crispen — who played a role in subtly encouraging Christmas to nominate the pair — felt guilty over his actions and tearfully apologized to the pair before asking Christmas to put him on the block instead. Christmas, who is allied with Tyler, didn’t feel like risking her partner in crime and left the nominations unchanged.

Eventually, Da’Vonne confronted Christmas about why Bayleigh felt betrayed by her actions, but Christmas wasn’t having it. The confrontation escalated until Da’Vonne walked away in tears.

“I hate this game. Why does she get to talk to me like that, but if I respond, everybody’s going to look at me crazy,” Da’Vonne vented to Tyler in the backyard. “She’s talking to me like I’m her child, and if I respond to that, I’m going to look crazy!”

After Da’Vonne and Christmas went head-to-head, Bayleigh entered the fray and tried to keep a level head as she confronted Christmas, but their discussion went south when Christmas started screaming and clapping at her.

Like Da’Vonne, Bayleigh walked out into the backyard, also frustrated by the discrepancy in how she feels she’s allowed to behave in the house.

“I can’t win,” Bayleigh said, as Tyler and David Alexander tried to be supportive. “If I was clapping in somebody’s face, I’m a ghetto black girl. She does it, and she’s fine.”

Finally, it came time for the eviction vote, and Da’Vonne and Bayleigh were given one last chance to appeal to their fellow house guests, and America.

Da’Vonne made sure to use the chance to share a heartfelt and important message while she still had the floor. After thanking God for getting the chance to play the game once more, and telling her daughter she loved her, Da’Vonne used her brief statement to declare that she’s “still screaming justice for Breonna Taylor and every other Black life that has been taken unjustly and unfairly simply because of the color of their skin.”

“All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter,” Da’Vonne continued, “and that includes Black trans lives as well.”

She also turned to Bayleigh and emotionally explained, “I love you. This game is temporary, but I promise you, this Black girl magic is forever.”

Bayleigh shared similar sentiments toward Da’Vonne, calling her “literally the most amazing person I could ever, ever, ever meet in my life,” and she thanked her for “showing the world that Black girls don’t have to compete and we can love on each other and support each other.”

Ultimately, the house voted 9-0 to evict Bayleigh, leaving Da’Vonne in the game. And while it seemed like tensions had boiled over, Bayleigh told host Julie Chen Moonves after getting eliminated that she’s buried the hatchet with some of the other houseguests she was fighting with the most.

“Tyler and I have both agreed that whatever it was, it needs to be squashed. He admitted to coming after me and sabotaging me. He knows, you know, how much that hurt me,” Bayleigh shared. “But I told him I don’t want anything to do with any of the drama anymore, and I want to leave it all in the house.”

Meanwhile, the episode had a lot of fans sharing their love and support for Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and sympathizing with their experiences.

For more on the wild drama from this season of “Big Brother All-Stars”, check out the video below.


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