Kendall Jenner are Kourtney Kardashian are clearing up some family drama.

Last year, during an appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” with guest-host Harry Styles, Jenner was asked to rank the parenting skills of her siblings.

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“They actually are all amazing, they really are,” Jenner said. “I’d say Rob is No. 1, he’s so good to his daughter. Then it would be like Khloe, Kim, Kylie, Kourtney.”

Kourtney apparently took being placed last on the list to heart, bringing it up in a new episode of the podcast “Sibling Revelry with Oliver & Kate Hudson”.

“Kendall recently said something that I wasn’t happy about,” Kourtney said. “She went on James Corden and they said rate your siblings in order of best parent to worst parent and she…And I saw her right after at a party and she ran up to me and was like ‘Oh my God I said this thing and I said you as a last parent and ha ha like it was a joke I didn’t mean it’ and I was like…”

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But as Jenner explained, “First of all that is not what I said to you. I went up to you, because I was like, ‘I’m going to put Rob before us and the rest’ so I’m just not even going to like… I’m just going to throw them out there, and I swear to God Kourtney happened to be the last one.”

Kardashian complained, “Everybody’s always saying something about me. So I’m just like I am the least one that needs to have more said.”

Jenner added, “I think naturally there is definitely differences in discipline and all those things. And not to say any of them right or wrong or bad. Like I said, I can’t really speak because I don’t have kids.”