Nicole Williams-English is joining forces with PETA for a good cause.

In a powerful PSA, the “WAGS” star, 34, is stepping into the life of a dog, revealing what happens when animals suffer heatstroke, and in some cases die, after being left alone in hot, parked cars every year.

The video starts off as a makeup tutorial from the front seat of a car, but the vehicle starts to get too hot too fast for the Canadian reality star, causing her to sweat, gasping for air and then panic when she realizes she’s trapped inside.

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“You may think a 70-degree day feels cool, but the temperature inside a car can soar to 99 degrees in less than 20 minutes,” she explains in the video. “And it can take even less time than that for animals to sustain brain damage or even die of heatstroke. It does not matter if you’re parked in the shade, leave the windows cracked, or are only gone for five minutes.”

According to PETA, dogs are unable to sweat like humans, instead they cool themselves by panting which means they’re at a greater risk of suffering from heatstroke.

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Over 27 animals have died this year from heat-related causes PETA says and it’s completely preventable.

Joanna Krupa, Bethenny Frankel, Adriana de Moura, and Tinsley Mortimer are other reality stars who have lent their voices to PETA.