Demi Lovato Talks New Marshmello Collab, How Fiancé Max Ehrich Keeps Her Grounded & More

Demi Lovato called in to SiriusXM to promote her new collab with Marshmello, “OK Not To Be OK”. In addition to discussing the new track, she also opened up about fiancé Max Ehrich.

“We were able to share this time together that we wouldn’t have normally gotten to spend. And that accelerated our relationship on a level that, you know, you can’t really explain to people, but quarantine either makes or breaks deal,” she explained of the couple’s whirlwind romance. “And it really made that. So I’m really, I’m really blessed, really fortunate and continuing to count my blessings every day.”

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Ehrich, she added, “is the first person in my life that I’ve ever really wanted to cook for.”

She also got candid about what she’s learned about herself during the process of quarantine.

“I also learned that, you know, I have a past of making some questionable choices or mistakes, but I realized this year that I am not my story. My story does not define me. And I’m in control of the way that I changed my path, my direction in my life,” she explained. “And I’m not as f**ked up as I thought I was. And it’s great to come to that conclusion, especially in times when you’re having to force yourself to be in such solitude…”

In another part of the interview, Lovato also discusses her new music and the new sound she’s embracing.

“Definitely not an album. I can say that because that takes a little more time, but I am definitely piecing it together. I feel like it’s now coming to completion and I’m really, really excited about how cohesive everything is starting to sound,” she explained.

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“And that’s, that’s something that takes process as an artist, trying to figure out your new sound for a new chapter in your life. And then you have to imagine I’ve been out of the spotlight for a while. So I have, I’ve accumulated a lot of songs, a lot of music I have to narrow down, then pick the ones that best represent my life today,” Lovato added. “And some of those may not be the ones that I necessarily thought I was going to release a year ago. So, it’s, it’s interesting. It’s taken a new approach, but definitely, um, I will be releasing new music as well in the next month or so, because there’s just a lot of things happening in the world. And you know, we’re running at a time to really try to change the direction of the path that we’re on.”

Lovato also revealed the multiple Easter eggs hidden in the video for fans.

“So my director, Hannah also shot the music video for my single ‘I love Me’. And when she saw that prop, she was like, she’s so clever and like adding little Easter eggs and things like that that are hidden in the video that the song ‘I love Me’ has two important meanings to me because that not only was that a powerful Anthem of self-love, but it was also the night that I released it,” she said. “I also met my fiancé whose initials happened to be M E which I have tattooed on my ring finger that I got last summer. So it’s just like it’s. So, um, it’s kismet, it’s magical and so important to me. And, um, yeah, it was, it was cool that she added that. I loved that.”

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According to Lovato, fans will discover “so much of me” in the new track. “I pour my heart and soul into every song that I create,” she explained. “Whether it was a song that was written for me or a song that I wrote myself, I it’s equally as, immersed, I’m equally as immersed in my, in my process. And so I just, I, you know, I wanted to bring positive energy and into this song and give a hopeful message because there’s so many people out there right now that need to know they’re not alone in a way that they’re feeling this is, these are unprecedented times and we really need to take care of our mental health, because it is just as important as our physical health.”

Demi Lovato’s full interview with SiriusXM’s Geronimo will air Saturday, September 12 on SiriusXM’s BPM at 7:30 pm ET.

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