Chris Hemsworth Crashes Weather Cross On ‘Weekend Today’

“Weekend Today” was in for a surprise when Chris Hemsworth dropped in during a weather cross.

Lauren Phillips was reporting from a field in Scone, Australia when Hemsworth walked up behind her.

“I heard you are looking for some horses,” Hemsworth said, taking the mic from Phillips. “There is a bunch down here.”

“I often get teased about not having the best presenting skills or pronunciation, want to help me out?” Phillips asked, passing off the weather report for the “Thor” actor to read.

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“Let’s mispronounce all of these,” he joked.

“Weekend Today” hosts Rebecca Maddern and Richard Wilkins were back in the studio and looked visibly shocked.

Hemsworth was in the area for conversation work.

Phillips revealed that no one in the studio knew he was coming on and they thought it was an interview with “a rouge horse.”

“I am a bit like a rogue horse,” Hemsworth said. “I’m going to escape here at some point and you will have to lasso me. Hemsworth then galloped off-screen.

And while viewers loved seeing the actor, Epic Cheer Allstars was originally booked for a segment which had to be cancelled as crews wouldn’t be able to make it there in time to film.

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“They say they will reschedule but I don’t think that will happen,” Kev Graham, father to two of the cheerleaders, told

“I understand that Chris is the golden ticket for ratings but I think most families that watch ‘Today’ would have loved watching the athletes show off their sport,” he added. “For some families it would even be an introduction to competitive cheerleading in Australia.”

Graham also vented his frustrating on Facebook, writing, “The kids were super excited given they haven’t been able to perform all year due to Covid.”

“Then this morning they [‘Today’ show] got a better offer from Chris Hemsworth in Byron and dumped the young athletes. Way to go kicking small town sports in the guts.”

Channel 9 did not comment.

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