Ryan Reynolds is giving back once again.

The Canadian actor has personally covered the cost for 100 professionals from diverse backgrounds and marginalized communities to attend Brandweek 2020.

One of the lucky attendees, Tiffany Black, thanked Reynolds on Twitter, saying: “I am truly honored to have been chosen.”

Reynolds replied:

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Reynolds’ comment comes as he also did an interview with Adweek ahead of this week’s Brandweek; which consists of five days of virtual and interactive discussion, learning and problem-solving.

The star is being honoured with the Brand Visionary Award in the mag’s Brand Genius Awards for his work with Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile, as well as his content studio Maximum Effort.

Reynolds said, when asked how he would describe his approach to marketing: “We’ve really benefitted from this thing we call fast-vertising. Companies like Aviation, there isn’t this enormous corporate ladder that we have to climb to gain approvals for spots. The buck stops with me. If we have an idea we want to execute, we don’t have to go through a tremendous bureaucratic process. It’s a question of me saying, ‘Let’s go.'”

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Credit: Adweek
Credit: Adweek

Reynolds explained how he and his team have kept things light during the pandemic and how he would describe his marketing tone: “It sounds very syrupy, but a big part of marketing for us is empathy. We never want to divide.”

He shared, “We try to walk the tightrope with humour, and I do think it’s hugely important now, but you have to be careful. If it feels insensitive or glib, it’ll blow up in your face.”

Brandweek—a fully reimagined virtual experience and Adweek’s biggest event of this year — runs from Sept. 14 through to Friday, Sept. 18.

Reynolds is set to give a talk on his pitch-perfect branding and marketing of Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile Thursday.