Jimmy Kimmel is speaking out against the “Donald Trump Jr.’s of the world” who claim to be against “cancel culture” while also trying to silence the comedians who mock them.

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Trump Jr. led a recent conservative attack on the talk show host due to his Blackface imitation of former NBA player Karl Malone back in the 90s.

In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Kimmel said that society has “blurred the line between candidates and comedians,” despite the fact that “they are very different and should be treated differently.”

The comedian explained that he wants to “tell the truth” about those “embarrassing” sketches from early in his career, while also questioning the “intentions” of the “Donald Trump Jr.’s of the world.”

“I think a lot of people feel like this cancel culture goes too far and that there’s just no room for apology anymore, that everybody is constantly digging through your trash. And that it’s not particularly beneficial as far as a functioning society goes,” said Kimmel.

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“But I do think it’s unfortunate, because [Trump] is able to grab onto that and to use it as a tool. But most of that has nothing to do with politics,” he continued. “We’ve now blurred the line between candidates and comedians and they are very different and should be treated differently. And it does bother me that there are comedians who go into a club that might be fearful about saying something that runs afoul of the political-correctness police. Because you have to be able to say the wrong things to figure out what the right things are and to speak the truth.”

Kimmel added, “That kind of self-censorship is dangerous. And I don’t think we even know that it’s happening when it happens. I mean, who wants to go into a comedy club where everyone’s being careful? That’s not the America I want to live in.”

The comedy star is set to host an entirely virtual Emmy Awards ceremony this Sunday, Sept. 20.

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Kimmel will deliver his monologue from the Staples Center, while all of the presenters and nominees will appear from their homes.