Martha Stewart Talks Her Viral Pool Selfie And If Donald Trump Is Cut Out For President

Martha Stewart has been the surprise star of Instagram over the summer from her selfies to swimming pool shots.

The mogul joined Andy Cohen to help celebrate the 5th anniversary of his SiriusXM channel Radio Andy on “Andy Cohen Live” where they spoke about Stewart’s social media posts, her new line CBD line and working with Donald Trump on “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart”.

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Stewart went viral with the post of her poolside selfie which she claimed to be “the first, best selfie I ever took.”

Cohen also questioned Stewart over her captions and comments, some of which have had to be edited to be a little more G-rated.

She responded, “I’m a funny person. I’m just as funny as you are Andy Cohen. I’ve never been able to have a platform. Now I have Instagram. Can you imagine I have a, I have a platform to be funny on and no, I’m not. I’m not really drinking… you know, because the reason I look so good is I don’t drink very much. I don’t smoke. I don’t stay up late. I, you know, all those, all those bad things.”

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“I was supposed to fire the Donald, but then Donald decided he wanted to keep doing ‘The Apprentice’ so that was that,” Stewart recalled.

“We wish you would have,” Cohen joked.

“I just think that Donald is not presidental material,” she added. “I don’t want to bash him or anything, he just stepped into a job he really couldn’t do in the normal way.”

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