Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals Return To Broadway

Sarah Jessica Parker is set to return to her Broadway play, exactly one year after New York’s theatre district was first shuttered due to COVID-19.

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Parker joined Andy Cohen on Monday, Sept. 14 to celebrate the five-year anniversary of his exclusive SiriusXM channel. During their conversation, the “Sex and the City” star gave an update on her play “Plaza Suite”, as well as the reopening of Broadway.

“We start previews March, 19. We open officially April, 19 and March, 19 will be a year and seven days [since] Broadway was shut down,” she began.

“It’s moved incredibly quickly and it’s moved like molasses. So that the idea that very shortly we’ll be at a year. I mean, it seems short to me. I don’t know. Anyway, we’re hopeful.”

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Discussing the precautions that theatres might take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 once they reopen, Parker continued: “I think the Broadway league is trying to sort out, you know, do we open, I mean, what are the safest conditions obviously for crew and cast and audience and ushers in front of the house and back of the house, but, you know, do you open with people sitting apart with masks? I mean, at this point I would do anything that everybody thought was safe and I’d be happy to perform in front of people with masks.”

Cohen also mentioned the possibility of not going to the Met Gala in 2021, which he usually attends alongside Parker.

Maybe it’s time for us to retire the Jersey,” suggested the actress.

Throughout Monday’s “Andy Cohen Live”, the host was joined by special surprise guests including Liam Neeson, Lisa Kudrow, Martha Stewart and Kylie Minogue.

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