Drew Barrymore took a look back at some of the most colourful moments of her career ahead of the launch of her own day time talk show.

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The “50 First Dates” star joined “CBS Sunday Morning” before “The Drew Barrymore Show” hit screens on Monday, Sept. 14.

Reflecting on the infamous 1995 incident where she flashed David Letterman at the age of 20, Barrymore said, “I think if there’s one thing I’ve learned in a very long life in front of people is there is a line. There is TMI. And I kind of know what that line is, and it’s a feeling.”

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The actress added: “I pushed the limits a lot, many different times in my life. And I’m very lucky, I know that. I tested, I pushed, probably too far many a time.”

Barrymore revealed that she and Letterman are still friends despite the incident, with the legendary TV presenter among the list of famous hosts who offered her advice about her own show.

“They all say pace yourself,” she explained.

“Which, of course, I in my stubbornness was like, ‘I’ve been working since I was 11 months old! You don’t even know my work ethic.'”

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The Drew Barrymore Show” air weekdays on Global at 3 p.m. ET.