Paris Hilton has parenthood all planned out.

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Hilton revealed to the LadyGang podcast on PodcastOne that she has frozen her eggs and plans to have twins. More specifically, she intends on having one boy and one girl.

“First one, we’re planning it already, is going to be a boy and girl twin,” the 39-year-old reality star explained. “When you freeze your eggs, you can pick if you get a boy, you get a girl, you get twins.”

“I have baby London, which is the girl, and I’m trying to figure out a name for the boy,” she continued. “So if you have any suggestions, I’m asking my friends. I don’t want a theme of cities, but I don’t know — it’s hard to decide. London for sure for the girl; the boy, I’m just still trying to decide on.”

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Hilton premiered the YouTube Original documentary “This is Paris” on Monday.