Laverne Cox Credits Candis Canye For Inspiring Her Acting Career: ‘It Literally Changed My Life’

Laverne Cox owes her success to Candis Cayne.

Cox, 48, caught up with IMDb’s “Reflected on Screens” to dish on the actress who changed her life.

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“The first story that really made me feel like my identity was represented on screen had to be Candis Cayne in ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ in 2006. What’s so sad about that is that I was 35-years-old when this moment happened,” Cox laughed.

“What was amazing about Candis Cayne is she was the first openly transgender actor to have a recurring role in a primetime television show,” she continued. “That was historic for me.”

Not only did Cayne inspire Cox, but she also compelled the “Orange Is the New Black” star to press forward in a career that was going nowhere.

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“I had been studying acting for years, not getting any headway, wondering if it was even possible for me to have a career as a trans person,” Cox shared. “And then, all of a sudden, Candice was doing it on television. It gave me such a sense of hope. It literally changed my life. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that moment.”

Cox had the pleasure of collaborating with Cayne on the Netflix documentary “Disclosure”. Cayne also made a special cameo at the end of the episode to catch up with Cox.

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