It’s pretty clear Joy Behar didn’t spend her quarantine watching “Tiger King” like the rest of us.

While recapping Monday night’s “Dancing With The Stars” premiere, Behar and her fellow “The View” co-hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines, discussed Carole Baskin’s dancing debut.

Baskin’s performance to “Eye Of The Tiger” only scored her an 11 out of 30 points, but headlines were still focused on the star as the family of her late-ex-husband, Don Lewis, continued to question her involvement in his disappearance.

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As “Tiger King” fans know, rival big-cat zoo owner Joe Exotic accused Baskin of killing Lewis, claiming she fed him to her tigers. Baskin denies the allegations.

But during her “DWTS” debut, Lewis’ family aired a commercial, asking viewers to help them figure out what happened to him.

“I have no idea what ‘Tiger King’ is,” Behar during the episode of “The View”. “What they told me this morning is that she’s under suspicion and the husband is missing, so what would have been a really big coup for ABC was to have the husband on ‘Dancing With the Stars’. Now that would have been good television! Bring him back.”

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After making her co-host cringe with the suggestion, Goldberg let Behar know, “He’s no longer on the planet.”

McCain added, “He got fed to a tiger.” She later continued, “She’s a terrible dancer… I felt bad about watching it afterwards because she is an alleged murderer. I believe she murdered her husband. She talks about putting sardine oil on people and feeding them to tigers on the documentary.”

“Tiger King” is now streaming on Netflix.