Neil Patrick Harris is teasing big things are in store for “The Matrix” fans.

The actors recently travelled to Berlin to shoot Lana Wachowski’s highly anticipated sequel “The Matrix 4”, and he talked about the experience on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show”.

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“I have great hope that fans will appreciate all the work that Lana and everyone is putting into this movie,” he said.

Harris continued, “I’m a big Lana Wachowski fan. I think she’s a great person. I think she has a great inclusive energy and her style has shifted visually from what she had done to what she is currently doing. And it’s changed  in an evolved way, and she’s such a bright light that I would have been happy to be, in any capacity, in this.”

Part of the appeal, Harris explained, was getting to be in a big budget action movie.

“I would have been happy to just go and visit the set of a big giant franchise movie,” he explained. “So the fact that I get a small part in this, and can watch from a far in the majority of it, and see how it’s working and see sort of the machine of it all. ‘Machine’ probably being appropriate since it’s the Matrix.”

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He added, “I’ve just been having a blast. They’re very smart. It’s a very smart team. They’re making a giant movie and under very unique circumstances. I’ve always wanted to be a lead in a big giant action movie with wires and stuff and this is not bad for me, but it’s certainly tangential and fun for me to be able to admire it and at least play in the sandbox a little bit.”

Harris also said hopefully, “I can’t wait for the day when we’re, we’re able to watch these big movies in big theatres. Cause, this one deserves to be seen on a big scale. It’s ambitious and everyone involved as far as I’m aware is crushing it.”