“Schitt’s Creek” star Noah Reid joined ET Canada’s Sangita Patel this week to talk about his new short film, “The Archivists”, being recognized at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. And with the Primetime Emmy Awards happening virtually this Sunday, Reid made some winner predictions on “Schitt’s Creek”‘s trophy take-home tally.

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With 15 nominations for the comedy series in total this year, Reid is feeling the Emmy love.

Even though the final episode of “Schitt’s Creek” aired on April 7, 2020, the actor says: “It’s not so far removed now. It still feels like… I’m expecting to go back to set. But, I think definitely the Emmy love is bringing it back into the forefront.”

And Reid is feeling pretty confident the show will shine on Emmys night. “I’m excited for Sunday and see what happens,” he told Sangita. “I’m guaranteeing 15 for 15 win. We’re going to win all categories.”

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Among its 15 Emmy nominations in 2020, “Schitt’s Creek” is up for Outstanding Comedy Series. While, Eugene Levy received his second consecutive Emmy nod for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role of Johnny Rose. And Catherine O’Hara also received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for playing Moira Rose for the second year in a row.

New to the individual acting nominee categories at this year’s Emmys, are the Rose siblings. Really making it a “Schitt’s Creek” family affair, Dan Levy is up for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of David Rose, while Annie Murphy, who played his younger sister Alexis Rose on the series, is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

“Schitt’s Creek” was also nominated for two Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2020. Reid got one of the two SAG Awards nods this year, along with his co-stars, in the best ensemble cast in a comedy series category. Catherine O’Hara was also nominated for Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor in a Comedy Series at the Jan. 19, 2020 ceremony.

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Also receiving recognition this year is Reid’s short film “The Archivists”, which is nominated for a TIFF Short Cuts Award in the Best Canadian Short Film category. Sangita talked about the film’s nomination with Reid, with the actor responding: “Wow, that’s amazing. I didn’t even know that. Very exciting.”

Reid opened up about the making of the film and how the movie’s music speaks to him. He explained how the song “Smalltown Boy”, which was initially “an LGBTQ+ anthem” in the ’80s by openly gay UK band Bronski Beat, was reimagined in the short film “The Archivists”.

“In this case, in the film the characters are pulling this, along with the diary from before the war,” said Reid. The actor revealed how he worked on “concocting that reimagining, arrangement and the lyrics and how it would work out.” Adding, “It’s great when you’re like a fly on the wall in that room and you’re creating something.”

The 2019 Canadian Screen Award winner talked about how the short film’s characters discover artifacts in an abandoned house after a war and try to piece together what happened to this family, including Laura, whose diary they found. “I think that COVID has shone a light on that for many of us,” added Reid. “This short speaks to the human experience, of trying to be creative through unthinkable circumstances.”

And with the pandemic of 2020, Sangita asked Reid what he learned about himself while in quarantine.

“I don’t like postponement,” he revealed. “I am interested in continuing in some way through it. I mean, I put out my album, Gemini, in May. We had a conversation about holding it back. And I was like “I don’t want to postpone it. I think it needs to happen in the time it needs to happen.”

Adding, “Same thing happened with my wedding, my fiancée Clare and I were like, ‘This is our time, we’ve got to do it. Any adjustments we need to make, we’ll make them. We just want to get it done.'”

And holding a wedding celebration during COVID-19 was no easy feat, with Reid admitting, “It was very stressful, honestly. But… once we were there it was amazing, but definitely trying to do that during a pandemic and make sure that we were being responsible and as safe as we could and, you know, uninviting so many of our dear friends and family. That was tough. But definitely, on the day it felt pretty magical. And it was the first party that any of us had been to in a long time. So it was a pretty emotional time.”

Watch Reid open up about performing at his nuptials in the video below:

Meanwhile, it is a big weekend ahead for Reid with the TIFF Awards winners set to be announced and the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony happening on Sunday night.

Now, if “Schitt’s Creek” does take home all 15 Emmys, like Reid predicted, Sangita said: “That means, if you do, you’ll have a spin-off, correct?”

Reid answered, laughing, “I’m not gonna promise anything.” With Sangita continuing, “Come on! But a [‘Schitt’s Creek’] movie, you’d be up for it, right?” He agreed, laughing, “I’d be up for it. I’m up for it, for sure.”