Ayesha Curry Shows Off Mansion She Shares With Husband Steph In New Cover Shoot

Ayesha Curry has allowed cameras inside her family home for the first time in order to create a special cover shoot for Domino.

The wife of NBA star Steph Curry opened up on family life, business and philanthropy during an intimate interview with the magazine.

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Speaking about her beautiful Northern California home, which she designed by herself, Curry said: “I think people get afraid of being mundane, but there’s so much texture. You can create something beautiful that calms the spirit.” 

The businesswoman also opened up on how she has become more selective about the projects which she participates in.

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“In the beginning, I said yes to everything. I didn’t want to take things for granted. And then I started to realize that I’m valuable,” she explained. “People want to hear you, but you have to make sure that it’s something of substance. I was doing things because I was grateful, but I wasn’t necessarily passionate, and it never works out great that way.  So I started a checklist, and now if [an opportunity] doesn’t check all the boxes, it’s a no. I walk because someone else could check all those boxes. That’s who that opportunity could be for.”  

Elsewhere in the interview, Curry discussed how her hair salon-owning Canadian mom is responsible for her entrepreneurial spirit.

“I think it was just embedded in me to build your own thing from the ground up,” she said. “I thrive off that adrenaline rush.”

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Domino’s Fall Style issue hits newsstands on Oct. 1.

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