Nicky Hilton Says It Was A ‘Very Emotional’ Experience Watching Her Sister Paris’ Documentary For The First Time

Nicky Hilton has spoken out about the first time she watched her sister Paris’ new documentary, “This Is Paris”.

Nicky told E! News in a new interview at New York Fashion Week that it was a “very emotional” experience, getting a sneak peek of Paris’ new film.

She shared, “It was very, very emotional. We watched it for the first time. She didn’t even want to show my mother the movie. So we snuck downstairs and we were watching it together. She said, ‘I don’t want mom to see it.’

“I was like, ‘Well she’s going to see it in a few weeks when it’s on YouTube for the whole world to see,'” the 36-year-old continued.

Nicky went on, “We watched it together. We laughed. We cried. I’m just so proud of her, because going through so much trauma and reliving it with the whole world watching is very brave.”

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The film sees Paris claim she was abused while attending the private boarding school, Provo Canyon School.

The doc shows Paris’ mom, Kathy Hilton, learning about some of the abuse for the first time.

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“”Had I known this, Dad and I would have been there in one second,” Kathy told her daughter. “I’m so proud of you.”

Nicky added of her sister’s doc, “I’ve got so many messages today from people I know who’ve been through similar things, from strangers saying, ‘I’m so happy that I don’t feel alone anymore.’

“I’m so thrilled that she did it. I think a lot of people were shocked and just seeing her allow herself to be so vulnerable without the glam team and just so raw.”

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