Sharon Stone Almost Evacuated Mansion Due To Wildfires: ‘It’s Raining Ash Even In The House’

Sharon Stone was packed up and ready to evacuate her Beverly Hills mansion.

Jimmy Fallon caught up with Stone on Wednesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show”. The Oscar-nominated actress said she nearly had to leave her home due to the ongoing California wildfires.

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“I was just in tears yesterday,” she told Fallon. “There was a fire on my street and we were preparing to evacuate and say goodbye to everything we put our lives into — I had Thermoses, water bottles… a to-go bag.”

“We had to be ready and make sure the cars had gas,” she continued. “If we had to go, we had to go.”

Stone is reminded of the fires even from the comfort of her own home.

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“It’s raining ash even in the house, this is what we’re breathing,” she noted. “Our state is burning down!”

Stone concluded, “We have to be happy in the face of disaster, it’s all we have.”

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