Dan Patrick is launching a new podcast.

The legendary sportscaster joined forces with IMDb for the upcoming series “That Scene With Dan Patrick”, featuring some A-list guests.

“That Scene” is a weekly podcast with actors and filmmaker guests who looking back at some of their most famous and iconic movie and tv moments.

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The upcoming first episode will feature Adam Sandler, who will detail his iconic fight with Bob Barker in “Happy Gilmore”. Will Ferrel, David Spade, Bryan Cranston and Peter Billingsley will appear on the podcast.

“We all have moments in life that take us back to a specific time or feeling in our lives,” Patrick says of the upcoming project. “For some it’s a familiar smell, a taste, or a song. For me and so many, it’s a scene in a movie that made us laugh, made us cry, frightened us, inspired us, or simply provided escape. This podcast is about those moments, and I could not be more passionate about sharing them with you again – but this time it will be all about how those scenes happened, and sometimes how they almost never happened at all.”

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He added, “I cannot think of a more perfect place to share them than IMDb and Amazon Music.”

“That Scene With Dan Patrick” launches Sept. 22 on Amazon Music.