Brie Larson And Boyfriend Elijah Allan-Blitz Adorably Celebrate Emmy Win For ‘The Messy Truth’

Brie Larson and her boyfriend Elijah Allan-Blitz made a rare appearance together.

The two were chatting about their virtual reality series “The Messy Truth: The VR Experience”, which won an Emmy for outstanding original interactive program, at the WIRED25 virtual conference.

The project caught the eye of Larson and Allan-Blitz after Van Jones, former Obama administration adviser, started it.

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The idea is to immerse viewers in situations that they aren’t familiar with, whether it has to do with race, sex or location.

“What we’re talking about is trying to put someone in someone else’s shoes,” Larson said. “One place this really excels is dealing with power imbalance, because it’s an experience that’s very hard to have if your body limits you and you’ve never been in that experience before.”

“This is a social experiment,” Allan-Blitz added. “We’re trying to see if we can use this new medium of VR to actually put you in the shoes of someone else, where you look down and you’re fully embodied in these different experiences, and to really see if this can be the ultimate empathy machine.”

Only two episodes have been filmed. The first, starting Winston Duke as a driver who gets pulled over and is “unfairly accosted by police.” The viewer takes part as the child in the passenger seat.

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Marvel actors are deliberately being cast with Josh Brolin and Zoe Saldana both expressing interest.

Jones said that is because of “Stan Lee’s vision of people having a lot of power, a lot of responsibility, sticking up for the underdog, not giving up, not becoming what you’re fighting. All that stuff went into me very deep as a kid.”

Later on Thursday, the two adorably celebrated their Emmy win for “The Messy Truth”, dressed up from their living room.

“This is so crazy,” the two kept repeating.

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