Mira Sorvino has some big ideas for a “Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion” sequel.

During a virtual interview after accepting The Creative Coalition’s 2020 Television Humanitarian Award, the actress revealed she’s just waiting for Disney to give the go-ahead.

“It’s not in my hands. It’s up to Disney,” the 52-year-old star said. “I would be so grateful if they would decide to do it.”

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And according to Sorvino, Lisa Kudrow is down to reprise her iconic role.

“I know that Lisa and that [screenwriter] Robin Schiff is interested in it,” she said. “Maybe Alan [Cumming] is interested in it. I heard that maybe Janeane [Garofalo] is interested in it.”

But despite it all, Sorvino is just looking for an excuse to work with Kudrow again. “I love Lisa and I would do anything just to work with her again in any capacity,” she added.

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Meanwhile, while we wait for a sequel, Sorvino revealed she’ll focus on running for office.

“I want to affect change. I like to advocate,” she explained. “I like to influence legislative change, and I have helped pass more than 10 laws… The fact that some of those were #MeToo laws, I feel like I turned my trauma into some sort of progress, which I feel good about… But I’m not very interested in power. I’m just interested in change.”

“Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion” first debuted in 1997.