Ian Terry Says It Was ‘Very Frustrating’ To Be Nominated By Dani Briones On ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’

After an emotional week in the “Big Brother: All-Stars” house, Ian Terry shockingly became the sixth houseguest evicted and the first member of the jury.

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On Thursday night, the “Big Brother” season 14 winner was sent packing by a vote of five to three over Tyler Crispen. However, his road to the chopping block was unprecedented.

Head of Household Dani Briones nominated the 29-year-old after a whirlwind week of nominations. First, the new “BB” disruptor power was unleashed on the house and removed David Alexander from the block, prompting her to nominate Tyler alongside Kevin Campbell.

Then after Da’Vonne Rogers won the Power of Veto and removed Kevin from the block, Dani had no other option other than to put up Terry beside Tyler.

Dani is in a six-person alliance consisting of herself, Tyler, Christmas Abbott, Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel and Memphis Garrett.

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Despite having some of his closest allies turn on him during the vote, Terry shares why he’s not surprised he was the one evicted.

“Tyler is in the big alliance and I’m not,” he admits.

Continues Terry: “Unfortunately, the way things shook out this week with the disruptor twist coming into play, as well as the Veto being used by someone that wasn’t a nominee, all it really did was push up my place in line to end up getting nominated and evicted but as for why Tyler’s not sitting here.”

However, in the lead up to his eviction, Dani continued to reassure Terry that he was just a pawn, when in fact she had no plans to keep him around.

“I thought that I was really, really, close with Dani,” he shares.

“So when Dani did end up nominating me after just such a strange sequence of many, many people being on the block, that was very very frustrating for me,” Terry adds.

“The disruptor twist kind of accelerated things and I got sort of short-changed on a few weeks of play where I would have started to play aggressively because it’s later in the game, so something could have shifted,” he admits.

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Multiple houseguests made headlines last week for seemingly mocking Terry’s autism on the live feeds.

Although he wasn’t present at the time, he reveals that he never felt like he was treated differently in the house because he was on the spectrum.

“Just because I’m on the spectrum, that doesn’t make me you know someone who needs to be taken care of by everybody at all times,” he says.

Adds Terry: “There are varying degrees of being on there and I would say I’m pretty mild, so it’s not really something that people need to treat me differently for and I don’t expect houseguests to treat me differently.”

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Now that the “BB” icon is in the jury house, who would he like to see join him in the following weeks?

“I think that the game could use a shakeup so if we could get someone who’s a member of the Committee to join the jury house, that would be really interesting. So, let’s go ahead, see Cody, maybe Christmas come in there that would be really fun. So just to shake things up, keep it interesting, keep it competitive,” he shares.

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