Joy Behar will not be disrespected in her own house.

The longtime co-host of “The View” made that loud and clear while she and her fellow panelists were interviewing Republican congressional candidate Kim Klacik, running for the seat in Maryland’s 7th congressional district.

Addressing U.S. President Donald Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Klacik tried to shift blame to former President Bill Clinton’s administration, claiming that biotech jobs that were shipped overseas in the 1990s led to the U.S. being poorly prepared to handle a pandemic.

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Behar, however, was not having it, and reminded her of Trump’s words to journalist Bob Woodward in his new book Rage, when Trump declared of the coronavirus, “I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.”

“Come on, Kim, excuse me,” Behar said. “I have to say something to you. [Trump] told Bob Woodward that it was ‘a very serious issue, and it’s airborne and that it was terrible,’ and then he went out and told the American people, ‘don’t wear masks, it’s all going to go away.’ You have to put some blame on your president. I’m sorry, you’re putting it on something extraneous. Speak to the point, please. The guy lied.”

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Klacik fired back, asking, “Is this Joy speaking? The same Joy that paraded around in Blackface not too long ago.”

Klacik was referring to a 2016 episode of “The View”, which featured Behar showing off a vintage photo of her younger self in a Halloween costume as a “beautiful African woman.”

“That’s not true,” Behar fired back. “Excuse me — excuse me. The Black community had my back. They know that that was not Blackface, that was an homage. Oh, please.”

“The Black community has my back, as well,” Klacik declared, leading co-host Sunny Hostin to dive in.

“The Black community has your back?” Hostin said incredulously. “The Black community has your back? The Black community did not vote for you, the Black community did not vote for you. What planet are you living on?”

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“Sunny, can I speak?” Klacik responded. “It was during a special election while we were still locked down. Can I speak, or are you just going to scream over me?”

Behar had endured enough, ending the segment and throwing to a commercial — but not before Klacik got in one final shot.

“That was very immature, but thank you for having me,” she sniped.

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