Michelle Obama Can’t Remember Which Chris Is Chris Evans

With no shortage of celebrities with the name Chris, Michelle Obama is having a bit of trouble keeping them straight.

While on the “Black Frasier” podcast recently, the former U.S. First Lady was asked to play a fun game of “Vacation, Quarantine, Zoom” – a safer version of a NSFW game.

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She was tasked with picking between Chris Hemsworth, Chris Rock and Chris Evans.

“Okay, alright. Now, who’s Chris Evans again?” Obama asked (at the 15:15-minute mark in the podcast below).

To be fair, the episode was recorded before Evans’ NSFW photo slip.

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After Obama was reminded that Evans was Captain America, she decided she’d vacation with him.

Obama also took the time to remind everyone listening to vote.

“There is no one out there that did more than John Lewis did to get us to a better place in this country and we owe to him and to the people of that generation who sacrificed so much not to just give it away, and not to be so cynical, and so disappointed, that we just refuse to exercise that right like it’s some luxury that we can play with,” she said.

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