Bill Maher Disagrees With Academy Award’s New Diversity Rules

Most people are pleased with the progress the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ has made when it comes to diversity. Bill Maher is not one of them.

Earlier this month, the Academy announced new metrics to be considered for Best Picture. Starting with the 2024 Oscars, films have to meet inclusion standards both on and off-screen.

During “Real Time” on Friday night, Maher argued against the rules, calling them more of a “to-do list”.

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“Have you watched the Oscars this century? This seems like a case of washing a glass that’s already been through the dishwasher,” Maher said, while naming “diverse” Best Picture nominnes.

He continued, “The Academy is not exactly unknown for awarding liberal virtue. They should call Best Picture ‘most worthy’. Look at the contenders and winners in recent years. They were nominated not by their popularity with audiences, but by diversity and virtue-signaling.”

“Diversity is important. But it needs to be said: It’s not the only thing that’s important. It’s also important that we don’t wind up with artists guided less by a creative vision and more by a to-do list. Cameron Diaz is Cuban on her grandmother’s side. Is that Latina enough?”

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Maher then used “Schindler’s List” as an example of a movie that wouldn’t meet the new guidelines.

“Some of the best movies ever made were by refugees from communist and fascist countries who got out because they didn’t like being told what art was acceptable,” he added.

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