Gabourey Sidibe Says ‘Hollywood Seas Didn’t Part’ For Her In The Same Way They Did For Anna Kendrick After Both Being First Time Oscar Nominees

Gabourey Sidibe was a first time Oscar nominee in 2010 for her part in “Precious” and is looking back at Hollywood’s acceptance of her, or rather, lack of.

Sidibe was not the only Academy Award newbie that year. Anna Kendrick was also a first-timer for Best Supporting Actress in “Up in the Air”. While neither actress won, Sidibe says that Hollywood didn’t open doors for her like they did Kendrick.

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“I’ve heard the idea that I’m just lucky before,” Sidibe told Collider while promoting “Antebellum”. “I’ve heard that. I’m an extremely unlucky person, actually. I work really, really hard though. And no, the Hollywood seas didn’t part for me in the same way that it might have for maybe Anna Kendrick who was nominated for the first time that year as well, who then went on to star in films and television and the whole thing. The seas did not part that same way for me and I assume that there are a few factors that made that so, but I am still working 10 years later.”

Sidibe continued, saying that she is thankful for still working “12 years after having filmed” “Precious” and that she is “comfortable” with herself so the other parts that can come with stardom don’t matter to her.

“I know my artistry. And so, you know, starring in things or being on the covers of magazines, all of these things that say that I’ve ‘made it,’ everything that solidifies my position on the A-list, whatever that means, doesn’t actually mean anything to my self-worth and my sense of artistry.”

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Sidibe’s post-Oscars career has mostly been television, including “American Horror Story”, “Empire” and “The Big C”.

“Antebellum” is available on VOD now.

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