Magical Bones Channels U.K’s First Black Magician For Phenomenal Act On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Magical Bones combined a history lesson with magic for a winning performance.

The magician started off his act by telling the story of former slave Henry Box Brown, who was born into slavery in the United States but escaped to England where he made a life for himself as a magician.

“I have a lot of common in Henry -he used magic to escape physically and me, I use it to escape reality,” he told the judges. He also revealed that his girlfriend, Mel, and son Ty, are in Canada and he hasn’t seen them since lockdown started.

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“We talk everyday, but it’s no substitute. So tonight I’ll be channelling Henry Box Brown again and his message of hope,” Magical Bones said.

He then performed The Great Door Mystery where he made a woman appear in a doorway. From there, “for the first time in a ‘BGT’ semi-final”, he showed the judges how the illusion worked by repeating the act with it turned around.

The judges and at-home audience could see how the woman moved around the doors to make it look like she appeared from nowhere. But that is when the real magic started.

Mel, who was on the screen with everyone watching at home, then appeared in the door box as the other woman disappeared.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my girlfriend, the love of my life, Mel,” he concluded, hugging her on stage while the judges gave him a standing ovation.

“The fact that you’re a Black man up here doing what you’re doing, we’ve never had that before…The audience loved it, we loved it,” judge Alesha Dixon praised him.

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David Walliams added, “It just had everything! It was one of the best magic acts I’ve ever seen in my life, not just on ‘BGT’.”

“It means so much to represent as a Black man, Henry Box Brown was the first black magician in the U.K., it’s an honour to do this today,” Magical Bones later added.

Magical Bones was one of the three acts to make it to the judges final including X1X and Sirine Jahangir.


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