Mel C Opens Up About Eating Disorder During The Height Of The Spice Girls’ Fame

The Spice Girls conquered the world in the 1990s, yet one of the women is coming forward to reveal that when the group was at the height of their fame, all was not well behind the scenes.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph‘s Stellar magazine, Mel C reveals that it was during this time that she developed an eating disorder.

As the erstwhile Sporty Spice (whose real name is Melanie Chisholm) told the magazine, she grew up feeling “very confident and ambitious,” something that eroded in the harsh spotlight of fame.

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“When I was with the Spice Girls I found it very hard to deal with being scrutinized, being photographed constantly, people commenting on the way you look, the way you speak, your personality and the way you dress,” she explained.

“I started exercising obsessively, I stopped eating properly and I began to become very, very ill. I think that was around the millennium, when I was feeling very low and was struggling to get out of bed,” she continued.

“I felt quite hopeless. I wasn’t excited about anything and I was really worried for my sanity. I was binge-eating, as well. I went to my doctor and he said to me, ‘The first thing you need to address is your depression,’ and I never thought for one second that I could be depressed,” she admitted. “But it was a huge relief to me, and that’s when I started my road to recovery.”

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Over time, she added, “I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t regret anything. I should be proud because I survived that and that’s what compels me to share it with people.”

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