‘Solo’ Star Alden Ehrenreich Criticizes Negative Coverage Of His ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff

Two years after “Solo: A Star Wars Story” opened in theatres, its star Alden Ehrenreich is speaking out about the perceived negative media coverage the film received, calling the reaction “really f***ing dangerous.”

Featuring Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo, the film grossed $392 million worldwide but was written off in the media as a “failure” as the lowest-grossing “Star Wars” movie in the franchise.

“That movie, it didn’t do as well as other ‘Star Wars’ movies but it still did well for a movie,” Ehrenreich tells Total Film in a new interview. “And so it was kind of this medium thing. But that’s not newsworthy.”

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While calling his time on the project an “amazing adventure,” Ehrenreich is critical of the media’s coverage of the film.

“Even at high-level journalism, there’s an intense pressure, sometimes, it feels like, to catastrophize or celebrate… And I think that’s really f***ing dangerous, especially when it pertains to the stuff that really matters, like the state of the world,” he says.

“An article headline that says ‘Things are complicated, and there are good sides and bad sides’ isn’t getting the emotional response. I just think we really have to take a step back and give a lot more thought to the way our emotions are being run by the stories we’re getting inundated with.”

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As for rumours young Han Solo could take to the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon again, Ehrenreich previously told Esquire he doesn’t “know anything about that” but didn’t rule out a return to the role.

“It depends on what it is,” Ehrenreich said. “It depends on how it’s done. It depends if it feels innate to the story.”

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