Meghan Markle’s lawyers continue to deny the duchess co-operated with the authors of the recently released book Finding Freedom.

The book, about Prince Harry and Meghan’s lives and relationship, was released in August and written by Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie.

Meghan’s lawyer Justin Rushbrook denied Monday that Meghan was involved with the book as more details surrounding her lawsuit with the Mail on Sunday and Associated Newspapers were released.

The Telegraph then reported Tuesday that solicitor and [entertainment law firm] Schillings partner Jenny Afia issued a response to the paper’s claims that the book had been written with Meghan and Harry’s “extensive co-operation.”

The Duchess of Sussex’s lawyers released “a scathing dismissal” of claims in the biography, calling them “extremely anodyne,” “the product of creative licence,” or “inaccurate,” insisting she could not have co-operated with its authors because there were parts that were not true.

Meghan’s legal team accused the authors of Finding Freedom of using information already available in tabloid stories to write their release, calling some of the details “inaccurate.”

A second witness statement from Ms. Afia detailed a selection of examples from the book which, she said, were inaccurate or “easily found in the public domain.”

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“It is also debatable as to whether the examples paint the Claimant [Meghan] in a good light as claimed.”

Examples included when Harry was said to have met Meghan’s mom Doria Ragland in Los Angeles and the group enjoyed “the most delicious sashimi,” something Afia said was not true.

She pointed out: “I understand that in fact the Duke of Sussex did not meet the Claimant’s mother for the first time in Los Angeles.

“Indeed, the first time he and the Claimant were ever in Los Angeles together was in 2020 when they relocated with their son.”

Other “incorrect” stories include a description of Meghan sending her father Thomas “a final message,” as well as claims about Harry texting his father Prince Charles, with the lawyers insisting Charles does not have a mobile phone.

The authors of the book claim they spoke to more than 100 sources with knowledge of the duke and duchess’s lives, the Telegraph continued, adding that author Scobie had already supported Meghan’s denial that she was involved.

He said, “Any suggestion that the duke and duchess collaborated on the book is false.”

ET Canada has reached out to Meghan’s rep and the book publisher for comment.