Lenny Kravitz Recalls Discovering Marijuana And Rock ‘N’ Roll On The Same Day In Junior High

Lenny Kravitz is taking a look back on the “game-changing” day he discovered rock ’n’ roll and marijuana as part of his new memoir, Let Love Rule.

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In an excerpt of a chapter entitled “The Zen of Zep”, the singer-guitarist recalls how that fateful day in his first year of junior high propelled his musical path in a “whole different direction.”

“Hip-hop was a cultural game changer. But my own personal game changer came in two different forms. These forms collided my first year of junior high in Santa Monica. I’m talking about rock ’n’ roll and marijuana. That combination propelled me in a whole different direction,” writes the “American Woman” singer, reports Rolling Stone.

“During our escape from school, in the deserted courtyard, Shannon broke out a joint, lit it, and passed it to Derek and me. I had tried weed a couple of times before, but never felt much,” he continues. “For Santa Monica teens in the mid-’70s, smoking weed was like breathing air. I took a puff and exhaled. Still no effect. Shannon told me to hold it in longer. I did, and this time something shifted.”

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At the same time as the head rush hit Kravitz, his friend slipped a cassette of Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” into his boombox: “The mixture of marijuana and ‘Black Dog’ sent me soaring. The sky opened up. The world got bigger and more beautiful. I was f**ked up.”

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Kravitz adds, “On the same day and at the same time, I turned into both a pothead and a Zep head. Before the end of the week, I’d bought every single Led Zeppelin cassette. Marijuana and rock ’n’ roll became my steady diet.”

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