Mike Johnson has opened up about the racism he has encountered through social media.

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The former “Bachelorette” star called in to SiriusXM’s EW Live on Wednesday to talk about his new book, Making The Love You Want.

During his discussion with host Jessica Shaw, Johnson revealed the thing about social media that bothered him most while he was appearing on reality TV.

“People belligerently in time at the time, multiple times a day, calling me the n-word,” he said. “Um, yeah, it’s ridiculous. And they’ll be like ‘n-word-er, this is why you’re not the Bachelor.’ There’s all kinds of stupid stuff like that.”

Johnson also spoke about how he dealt with the onslaught of hate and racism from people he didn’t know.

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“No one in their right mind will come to me in my face and say some absurd like that,” he continued. “And if they do, I’m going to impute some intelligent words upon them and shut their ass up. And so quite honestly, I know that no one would say that to my face. They just simply say it on the internet. And as much as my mom or my sister or all my friends want to clap back at them for me, uh, it doesn’t affect me no more just because I know that they wouldn’t say to my face.”

When asked if would be interested in taking part in “The Bachelor” in 2022, Johnson replied, “If I’m not, you know, in a relationship I’m not in love, I’m just single and ready to mingle. Absolutely. Absolutely. I believe in the process.”

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