Mariah Carey Discusses Why Her Mom Called The Cops Before Hospitalization: The Power Shift Was ‘Immediate’

Mariah Carey is reflecting on the circumstances that lead her to being hospitalized back in 2001.

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The “Hero” singer’s mother called the police to intervene during a time in which Carey was experiencing an “emotional crisis”.

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey about her upcoming memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the Grammy winner opened up about the incident, which took place while she was in the middle of “Glitter” promo prep and hadn’t slept in six days.

“There was a code switching that happened and a power shift that was immediate,” recalled Carey. “It was immediate and she was in charge and instead of saying, ‘I’m taking care of my daughter, she’s tired, somebody called the cops by mistake,’ or whatever, it was like, ‘Oh no, because you defied me, this is what’s going to happen.'”

She continued: “In the backseat of the police car, it’s a vivid memory I’ll never forget. I have never spoken about it, but at that moment, that seemed like a better alternative than where I was.”

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Oprah then questioned Carey on whether she believed she was actually in “breakdown mode” and needed hospitalization.

“No, if they had given me even two days I would have gotten up, gone to the video shoot and made the video,” she replied. “That’s not to say that would have made the difference and ‘Glitter’ would have been some huge sensation as opposed to what happened. Let’s not forget, it was September 11th. It’s 9/11.”

Insisting that she had “no business” being under so much pressure, Carey added: “As we’ve seen in this entertainment industry, it happens. People push artists to the edge and then they wonder why people are gone too soon.”

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