Rob Lowe paid a virtual visit to Global‘s “The Talk” on Thursday, where he shared a bit about his recent participation in a special blast-from-the-past event: a cast reunion of “The West Wing” for an upcoming special for HBO Max.

The anticipated special will benefit When We All Vote, a nonpartisan non-profit launched by former First Lady Michelle Obama aimed at increasing voter participation in the U.S. Not coincidentally, the “West Wing” reunion special will debut on Oct. 15, just two weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

“’The West Wing’ gang is back in action,” Lowe declared.

“We did a live reading of one of our favorite episodes, called ‘Hartsfield’s Landing’ and that’s the episode where Bartlett [Martin Sheen] tells my character he’s going to run for president,” he divulged. “Boy, it’s a special one, I love that episode.”

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Sharon Osbourne asked Lowe what it was like to reunite with his former co-stars, and Lowe described the experience with a rock-star metaphor.

“You will relate to this Sharon, perhaps more than anybody,” Lowe explained. “It felt a little bit like The Rolling Stones. They’re all old, some of them don’t look good… I don’t know if they can still do it. Then they get out onstage and go, holy [bleep] you know what.”

During the episode, Lowe also opened up about his son, John Owen, recently getting sober after struggling with addiction.

.“I’m really proud of him,” said Lowe of his son. “Like so many families, you know, there are addictions in our family. And every parent and every kid has to navigate the other, what their relationship is going to be with drugs and alcohol. It’s part of growing up. And you know, I was ready to help Johnny if and when he was ready to get into recovery. The day that he said he wanted to be in recovery was one of my proudest days of him. And, it’s just another way that we get to bond together, and to help each other grow, and I’m just ecstatic.”

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