Chris Rock Reveals He Tried To Get Cardi B Into Comedy

Chris Rock thinks Cardi B is one of the funniest people alive.

Appearing on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday, the comedian was asked by host Jimmy Fallon about rumours he had tried to get Cardi B into comedy.

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Rock explained that he was onto Cardi’s talent even before she had an album out.

“My kids showed me this Cardi B girl and she didn’t have a record out or anything,” he recalled, adding that he went with the “WAP” rapper to pitch a show to networks.

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“And she told me about her rap at the time, and I was like, Eh, that’s good, anyway…” Rock laughed. “You’re a comedy star.”

He went on, “Like in the standings right now, who are the funniest people in the world? Cardi’s right up there. She’s neck and neck with Bill Burr. She’s good.”

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