Kelly Clarkson is back in the studio for a second season of her Emmy-winning daytime talk show, and she’s continuing the tradition of kicking off each episode with a “Kellyoke” cover song.

For her latest, Clarkson delivers an uptempo cover of “Confident”, the title track from Demi Lovato’s 2015 album.

Backed by her band Y’all, Clarkson clearly connects with the song’s theme of empowerment, tearing into such lyrics as “It’s time for me to take it / I’m the boss right now.”

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The second season of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” launched this week, with some special COVID-19 protocols in place. Featuring a mix of remote and in-person guests, the celebs that do come into the studio are seated a good 10 feet away from the host, while the audience is now all-virtual.

“The last time I was on this stage it was over six months ago. A lot has changed. The pandemic has tested us all, but from Day 1 I said this show would be about connection — and not even 2020 is going to change that,” said Clarkson in a statement ahead of the new season.

“I am so happy to be back at our home studio at Universal with my band, our crew, and our new virtual house seats filled with people from all over the country,” her statement continued.

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“Music has always been my outlet to help me through difficult times, so our season 2 premiere week is dedicated to honouring the incredible power of music and the way it heals us and brings us together. We are going to continue to have important conversations with change-makers. We will continue to elevate underserved voices. We will continue to shine the spotlight on inspiring stories. It will be a season of uplifting and unforgettable moments that I can’t wait to experience with you.”