Hank Azaria is giving up another character from “The Simpsons” after announcing earlier this year that he’d no longer be voicing Kwik-E-Mart proprietor Apu.

According to a report in Variety, fans will notice in the upcoming season premiere that Carl, Homer Simpson’s Black co-worker, is being voiced by another actor.

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Replacing Azaria is actor Alex Désert, who’s appeared in such series as “Better Things”, “Station 19”, and “The Flash”.

Alex Désert – Disney Channel/Cook Allender
Alex Désert – Disney Channel/Cook Allender

The new casting reflects the show’s commitment to stop having white actors voice non-white characters.

As Variety reports, it’s unclear whether Désert will remain the voice of Carl or if he’ll just be voicing the character for this one episode.

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Earlier this year, Azaria addressed the decision to stop voicing Apu. As he told the New York Times, doing that voice “represents a real blind spot I had. There I am, joyfully basing a character on what was already considered quite upsetting.”

Added Azaria: “I have tremendous pride in doing the show. And the character of Apu was done with love and pride and the best of intentions. My message is, things can be down with really good intentions and have negative consequences.”