Jim Carrey is the latest celebrity to react strongly after an explosive report claimed that U.S. President Donald Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of the past 15 years.

According to the New York Times, Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in both the year he won the presidency and his first year in the White House.

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Carrey took to Twitter on Monday to post his latest cartoon, in which he dubbed Trump “Dishonest Don.”

“The IRS doesn’t do Fake News. We paid for the billionaire lifestyle of Dishonest Don and his creepy friends,” wrote Carrey captioning the drawing, which appeared to show a sweaty Trump hanging out with the late disgraced billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein.

“Maybe it’s time for all of US to stop paying our taxes and report giant fake losses so we can be billionaires too!”, he added.

Comedian Sarah Silverman also called Trump a “crook” after reports were published on Sunday.

American entrepreneur and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban said that the U.S. President was an “awful businessman.”

“Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi said that Trump is “the fraud we knew he was.”

Director Ava DuVernay also took to Twitter to express her shock at the bombshell reports.

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See more reaction to Trump’s returns below:




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At a White House briefing on Sunday, Trump denied the claims, instead insisting that he pays “a lot” in federal income taxes.