Lili Reinhart Talks Mental Health Struggles And Writing Poetry

Lili Reinhart is an open book.

The “Riverdale” star has a new book of poetry, Swimming Lessons, and on “Good Morning America” she talked about her writing, as well as her struggles with mental health issues.

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“I heal myself and find catharsis through speaking and talking about it,” she says of her mental health. “I wrote these moments when I was feeling a specific emotion and it helped release that emotion almost and got it out of my body. I can’t pretend to be happy or fake I do that for my job so when I have the opportunity to be real and authentic I take advantage of that opportunity.”

She added, “I think when it comes to body image I have faced that most in life. That is something people find it hard to understand, if you look a certain way how can you complain about your body?”

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Talking about her poetry, Reinhart said, “Whether it be grief or heartache, the two go hand in hand. My goal for Swimming Lessons was to create poems that were more universal in the sense that the reader could put themselves in the writer’s position and just take each poem and interpret however you want to.”

The actress also teased the new season of “Riverdale”, telling the audience, “We do a seven-year time jump. We are just jumping ahead in time and seeing these characters in their mid-20s. That is definitely not what you expect, I think people are going to be very surprised.”

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