Megan Fox Blames ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Backlash On ‘Transformers’ Fallout

Megan Fox has claimed that her 2009 movie “Jennifer’s Body” was “panned” because of her image in the media following her role in the “Transformers” franchise.

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Fox joined “Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Uncut” podcast to discuss the horror-comedy, which follows a possessed high school student who feeds off of her male classmates.

“All these people put in a lot of hard work into making a really quality project that was panned for reasons that had nothing to do with them,” she explained. “A lot of it was just about my image at the time and who I was in the media at the time and the backlash to that. The movie never really stood a chance.”

Fox referenced a “fallout” with someone in the industry, which she believes further influenced criticism of “Jennifer’s Body”.

The actress was likely referring to “Transformers” director Michael Bay.

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Speaking about playing Mikaela Banes in the “Transformers” movies, she recalled: “I was being vilified a little bit when the movie was getting ready for its release, it was that interesting juxtaposition to shooting up to extreme heights of fame right before the movie was released and then … the tearing me down was starting to happen. Then I had this immediate fallout with someone I worked in the industry. That happened right when I was on the press tour for ‘Jennifer’s Body.’ I think it all sort of exploded at once.”

Fox continued: “I think people definitely viewed me as negative or having bad intentions or just being really shallow and selfish, if it could be reduced and simplified even to that.”

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Praising “Jennifer’s Body”, which is now widely seen as a feminist horror-comedy, she added: “I think somewhere inside of every girl they can relate to this idea of feeling like ‘My power has been taken away from me and what would I do if I got all of that power and then some back.'”

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