Carole Baskin Exits ‘DWTS’ After ‘Circle Of Life’ Performance

Carole Baskin has been voted out of “Dancing with the Stars” after just three weeks on the show.

Baskin definitely attempted to channel her inner lion goddess during Monday night’s episode, but the judges weren’t loving it.

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The big cats rights activist (and subject of Netflix’s “Tiger King”) performed a Samba to “The Circle of Life” from “The Lion King” with her pro partner, Pasha Pashkov. The wardrobe department really went all out this week, dressing Baskin in a sparkly brown costume with fur, and Pashkov in a matching getup that’s a must-see.

Judge Bruno Tonioli said, “I am stunned. I actually have never, ever seen a Samba like this one. You just walked though it … you can’t just walk through a Samba, it needs life!”

Carrie Ann Inaba, meanwhile, commented, “You looked beautiful and you danced that with a lot of love … I want to salute for you the love you put into that dance.”

“A huge 10 for costume and hair and makeup,” added Derek Hough.

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The pair received a total score of 12/30 for their routine, the lowest of the night.

In her second guest blog for ET last week, Baskin teased that she might get emotional while performing during Disney Night, due to her personal connection to the meaning behind “The Circle of Life.”

“If there is a song that can bring me to tears, it’s that one, and I really don’t want to cry on stage,” she wrote at the time. “During practice, I got a call from the Florida Wildlife Commission that there was a bobcat in distress … this old, injured bobcat had apparently dragged herself to the water’s edge to drink and was about to die a most horrific death. Instead, she was spirited to safety and sedated for her exam.”

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“When we saw (I watched the whole thing on our live web cam) that she had no chance of healing from her wounds, given their severity and her advanced age, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to help her pass on to better hunting grounds through a painless injection while she slept,” she continued. “Making those kinds of “circle of life” decisions are always hard; even when we are absolutely sure it is the kindest thing to do. Given the fact that we’ve rescued hundreds of exotic cats, and over 800 domestic cats in our foster program, I’ve had to make that decision far more than anyone is designed to handle. The ‘Circle of Life’ song will surely flood them all back through my mind while I’m trying to hold back tears and hold my head high in the dance.”

Hear more in the video below.


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