Jim Parsons has been through the experience of COVID-19.

After revealing earlier this week that he and his husband Todd Spiewak contracted COVID-19 in March, Parsons gave more detail about his fight with the disease in an appearance on Jess Cagle’s SiriusXM show.

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“Apparently we aren’t the kind, luckily, that it lingered with, nor did we have major, major cases. I’d say it was mild to medium, but it was a lingering thing,” Parsons said. “They said quarantine for 14 days if you think you have it. It was like, that thing stuck around for a month to six weeks.”

He continued, “And we didn’t even lose our sense of smell and taste until after two weeks. It was like one day I felt good enough to clean the house after we had been sick. I thought, I’ll just straighten up, and I lit candles and that’s how I figured out it was gone. Cause I was like, I don’t smell those at all. And then I realized, I can’t smell anything.”

Appearing on “The Tonight Show” on Monday night, the former “Big Band Theory” star revealed to Fallon that he and his husband had contracted the coronavirus.

“We had it. Todd and I both had it early on. It was, like, middle of March,” Parsons said. “We didn’t know what it was. We thought we had colds, and then it seemed less likely, and then, finally, we lost our sense of smell and taste.”

He continued, “It defied the descriptions for me. I didn’t realize how, completely, taste and smell could be gone. And when you’re in quarantine, and there is really nothing to do but eat – oh my god that was brutal.”

Parsons also shared that his recovery and quarantine period were quite productive, allowing him to try out new hobbies like taking a creative writing course and painting.

Unfortunately, “everything petered out” after a while, though thankfully he and Spiewak are both fully recovered and feeling good now.

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The actor also offered his take on how his iconic character Sheldon would have handled the coronavirus pandemic.

“He was built for this. I mean, this is the moment he was waiting for,” Parsons said. “I was saying earlier, we had an entire episode, which I didn’t think about until recently, where he did, like, a Shell-bot where he had a video screen on a remote control wheelie thing. That was when people still needed to get together in groups. So, he would just send that out and sit in his room.”