Amy Schumer Makes A Hilarious ‘In-Studio’ Appearance On ‘Ellen’

Amy Schumer wasn’t going to let the pandemic stop her from visiting Ellen DeGeneres.

On Tuesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the comedian appears “in-studio” with the help of a TV screen and hilariously placed fake legs.

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Schumer also explains the embarrassing reason she had to change her 17-month-old son’s middle name a month after he was born.

“You know how parents sometimes, by accident, name their children ‘Genital’?” she asks, explaining that her son was named Gene Atell Fischer after two family members, only to later realize what the names sound like strung together.

Eventually, she and her husband Chris Fischer landed on the middle name David for their baby boy.

Also on the show, Schumer talks about her new Food Network show “Amy Schumer Learns to Cook”, co-starring her husband, who just happens to be a chef.

Though, as Schumer explains, the name of the show is a “lie,” because she has not actually learned any cooking skills since filming the show.

Talking reality TV, Schumer also opens up about doing her HBO docuseries “Expecting Amy”, which premiered over the summer, explaining that doing the show following the journey to giving birth was her “defence mechanism” throughout her pregnancy.

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Finally, Schumer talks about supporting Black Lives Matter every day by honouring those lost to police violence on social media.

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