Michaela Coel & Donald Glover Talk Children, Racism And More In New ‘GQ’ Conversation

Michaela Coel and Donald Glover have a lot to talk about.

The new issue of GQ features Coel on the cover, and in a feature for the magazine, the “May I Destroy You” creator-star sits down for a conversation with Glover, whose series “Atlanta” has also been widely acclaimed.

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During the conversation, the topic of children comes up, and Coel candidly expresses her thoughts on whether she should have kids at all.

“Sometimes I worry that I don’t [think about having children] as much as I should, which is why, just in case I ever think about this more, I’m freezing my eggs, just in case,” she reveals. “I’ve never been too thinky about bearing my own children through my vagina. I have thought about adopting. That I’ve thought of more than vaginal children. But in case I changed my mind, because I don’t know, they say it happens… Like, you reach this point where suddenly you really want babies and all you can think about is you want a baby and the clock’s ticking. I don’t ever have that. I’ve never felt it. I’ve never even said, ‘I want to have a baby,’ ever in my life. So I’m freezing them in case that hits me later.”

Glover, meanwhile, recently welcomed his second child with his partner Michelle White, which came very soon after the death of George Floyd.

“I was in the hospital bed. My son had just been born, like, an hour before and I was watching the George Floyd video,” he recalls. “It was such a weird moment. It was such an intense, weird moment, because I’m watching that video and it’s, like, eight minutes long, so you’re sitting there and I had just had this amazing, joyful, expanding moment, plus my dad had passed away recently, so [my son] was named after my father… I don’t even know what, really, the word is to describe it. It was just expanding: the empathy and compassion and the terror and the joy of it.”

Michaela Coel. Photo: Ben Weller for GQ
Michaela Coel. Photo: Ben Weller for GQ

Talking about racism, Coel shares that some of her white friends prefer Black men.

“So, basically, I say, ‘What do you mean?’ And one, who is my very dear friend, said, ‘I just feel more comfortable around them, the way they treat me,’” she says. “And I don’t know if I ever say, ‘Well, white men treat me like this. Black men treat me like this. I tend to feel more this around a white man. I tend to feel this around Black men.’ And if I ever have, I’ve questioned it.”

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Opening up about his own experiences with racism, Glover recalls, “An interviewer asked me once something like, ‘Would you rather have been white and not get the experience of being Black?’ And I remember being like, ‘Would you rather see all the opportunities and not have them or have all the opportunities and not see them?’ Because I think one thing that Black people don’t understand because they’re not white is that white people can’t see most of this stuff.”

He adds, “The idea of ‘I love Black men.’ Your friend might be thinking, ‘Well, I’ve heard black women say this.’ And it’s like, ‘Yes, you have, because they’ve eaten a whole cake of being Black and they understand that idea on a deeper level.’ So it’s up to you to decide: ‘Do I want to have a conversation with this person?’”

Read the full feature in the November issue of GQ available via digital download and on newsstands Friday, October 2.

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