Mariah Carey Explains To Stephen Colbert The Motivation Behind Her Secret Alt-Rock Album

Mariah Carey tells Stephen Colbert that her secret alt-rock album was something she did “for laughs.”

The pop diva caused a stir on Twitter when she revealed she made an alt-rock album in the ’90s under the fictional band name “Chick”.

“[Alt-rock] was such a popular genre at the time. I was like, ‘Well, I have a full band here, let’s just do something and I’ll just make up some nonsense and sing it,'” Carey says on “The Late Show”.

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She explains that her friend Clarissa Dane provided vocals to complement hers, as well as a new song to complete the album despite the label’s resistance.

Carey’s plans for the album didn’t stop there, however. She wanted to shoot a music video in which she would disguise herself in costume and release it to the world.

“That got stifled by certain people at the label, so I kind of had to abandon the project,” Carey explains of the short-lived career of Chick.

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Nonetheless, the singer is just glad it is finally out in the world.

“But I’m kind of happy that, at this moment, the fans are actually hearing it. Because it’s me doing an accent, doing an imitation of someone that I created that doesn’t actually exist.”

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