Cardi B is clapping back at Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron in a big way.

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A new ballistics report contradicted Cameron’s claims that Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, shot a police officer before the cops fired back and fatally struck Taylor.

“I told you motherf**kers,” Cardi said in an Instagram video. “I did a video a couple of days ago talking about this — that I will not believe the [Attorney General] or a f**king D.A. office with this bulls**t a** story that they took so long to put out about this Breonna Taylor s**t.”

“I told y’all… I’m not going to believe the story because I heard the story out of Breonna Taylor’s own momma,” she continued. “So what am I going to believe? Breonna Taylor’s momma or these motherf**kers? I’m going with Breonna Taylor’s momma.”

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Cameron announced that only one officer would be charged in connection with Taylor’s death. Last week, a grand jury indicted Brett Hankison on three counts of wanton endangerment for gunfire that hit the walls of Taylor’s white neighbours.